Grace United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 20, 2018



Grace is a church on a mission!
Our mission is to make and mature disciples of Jesus who
love God, encourage each other, and serve the world.


What do we want to see happen in the lives of people
who become part of the Grace Church spiritual family?
We desire for them to become three-color Christians!


The Green Color - Loving God! 

We desire to see adults, youth, and children warmly welcomed into the Grace Church family.
Our goal is for every person who comes into our midst to feel God’s love among us,
and to express their love for God by regularly worshiping God with us.


The Blue Color - Encouraging Each Other 

We are all called to live as disciples of Jesus, no matter what our age.
We desire to see every person who is part of our Church family involved in a small group
where they are encouraging others, and being encouraged by others, to faithfully live as a true-blue disciples of Jesus.


The Red Color - Serving the World

God has given every Christian spiritual gifts and natural abilities which we are called to use to serve others in the name of Christ.
We desire to see every person who is part of our Church family discovering and using their gifts and abilities
as part of a ministry team, serving others in the name of Jesus.




A Very Brief History

Grace United Methodist Church was born in 1964.
Grace was the first Methodist congregation in history to be created by the merging of three smaller congregations:
the New Kirk, Clover Hill and Ebenezer Methodist Churches.


Grace has had six pastors in its lifetime: Founding pastor, Rev. George Kennedy (1967-82),
Rev. Bill Huson (1982-87), Rev. Larry Wilson (1987-1996), Rev. Dan Owen (1996-2007), Rev. Dr. John K. Smith (2007-2012), and Rev. Ken Custer (2012). 
From 2004 - 2013 Grace Church was also served by our Assistant Pastor, Randy Landman.


Grace United Methodist Church averages about 350 persons in worship every Sunday.